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This could be a paragraph talking about the interdisciplinary and multi-faceted nature of my ability to implement design, whether it be branding, interior design, architectural solutions, or an advertising feat in the most surgically precise way, unobtrusively and effectively making your life, the client, a better and more conducive working element for the world over. I can do all of those things and whatever lurks in your imagination but my interests lie to the right. →

A portion of my thesis.

I have always been interested in changing the world around me for the better. Better, being of course highly subjective and extremely personal for myself. But when we change the subject of better for me and turn it on its head. Better for everyone changes the perspective on what design means. Design is a tool and designers are the tool wielders for a mass whose only experience with design is swinging it about haphazardly. Some are self-made designers and some are academically trained. I fall inbetween both. This is both my strongest and weakest ability and like design as a subject, we hold commonalities. Design is the least important, most important thing in the world and good design is the most translucent element in the universe.



What is design for tomorrow and how do we design tomorrow?




Help me answer this question and lets create a better future together.

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